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Champagne Henri Mandois
Quality: Patoro Grand Cru Blanc de blanc – Prestige blend

Tasting notes:
A delicate hint of vanilla, apricots, and citrus fruits. It impresses one by its balanced fineness. On the tongue this champagne is conspicuous by its fine sparkle. It is full-bodied with a harmoniously strong and lasting finish. Limited production. This prestige champagne is assigned by the experts in this field to the best of the prestige champagnes.

100% selected and most noble grand-cru chardonnay grapes from 57 year-old vines of the renowned vineyard of Chouilly. A third of this champagne is matured in new oak barrels as has been carried out by the renowned makers of the Prestige-class for nearly 100 years.

The Terroir origin:
Hand-picked chardonnay grapes from the best grand-cru locations of the family-owned vineyards in Chouilly. This wine comes from the most expensive grapes of the Champagne and has been created, under adherence to the most lavish and traditional methods of winemaking, for the most demanding champagne connoisseur.

Recommendations for consumption:
As an aperitif, or also as an accompaniment to an out-of-the-ordinary banquet.